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  • Full Service Consignment Program (Normally Consigned at Exclusive’s Physical Locations and Marketed by Exclusive, including but not limited to, listing on Exclusive’s On-Line Platforms)
    • Exclusive normally houses the vehicle at its physical locations
    • Exclusive manages all aspects of the selling process including:
      • Ad Development
      • Photos
      • Videos
      • Listings
      • Presentation of Vehicle to potential buyers
      • Communication management
  • Ninety (90) Day Consignment Period
    • Re-List Option is available after initial Consignment Period ends
  • Primary Listing Photo
  • Unlimited Description Text (Within Reason)
  • One Hundred Plus (100+) Total Photo Uploads (Depending on File Size)
  • Ten (10) Video Uploads (Videos Embedded Via Exclusive’s YouTube Channel)
  • Vehicle Inclusion in Email Marketing Campaigns (as per Exclusive’s Discretion)
  • Vehicle Inclusion in Social Media Marketing Campaigns (as per Exclusive’s Discretion)
  • Vehicle Inclusion in Video Campaigns (as per Exclusive’s Discretion)
  • Communication Management (All Communication between Buyer & Seller is managed through Exclusive’s Platform)
  • Vehicles (Ex: Cars, Motorcycles, Etc.) and Non-Vehicles (Equipment and/or Items, Ex: Engines, Parts, Memorabilia, Etc.)
    • $0 Listing Fee (Paid by Seller)
    • 3% Consignment Commission Fee on Final Sale Price (Paid by Seller)
    • Consignment Commission Fee Minimum is $300 (Paid by Seller)
    • Consignment Commission Fee Maximum is $3,000 (Paid by Seller)
      • Ex 1: Vehicle Sale Price = $50,000 | Commission Fee = $1,500
      • Ex 2: Vehicle Sale Price = $100,000 | Commission Fee = $3,000
      • Ex 3: Vehicle Sale Price = $250,000 | Commission Fee = $3,000
  • Contact Exclusive for further information regarding our Consignment Programs


(Additional Fees May Apply)
  • Facilitation Services may have additional fees that apply – Contact Exclusive for specific service information and pricing
  • Storage Services – Exclusive provides storage capabilities (as available) for On-Site Consignment Services
  • Brokerage Services – Exclusive offers full service Brokerage to assist clients in attaining that special vehicle
  • Sales Contracts – Exclusive offers assistance with Buyer & Seller Sales Agreements
  • Financial Arrangements – Exclusive works with a number of financial institutions offering vehicle financing options
  • DMV Paperwork – Exclusive offers assistance with completion of required DMV transactional paperwork
  • Transportation & Shipping Services – Exclusive works with a number of transportation and shipping companies and offers assistance in coordinating these services


  1. Create your Membership Account.
  2. Create your Payment Account (Must be created with a valid credit card).
  3. Set Ask and/or Reserve Price (Exclusive will work with Seller in setting a realistic Ask and/or Reserve Price. Exclusive reserves the right to refuse a Listing with unrealistic Ask and/or Reserve Pricing). The Listed Vehicle / Equipment and/or Items will only sell if a buyer meets or exceeds the set Reserve Price.
  4. You may adjust your Ask and/or Reserve Price at any time during the listing period.
  5. You may adjust your Ad at any time during the listing period.
  6. Fill out Completely ALL the information in the online submission form (be as detailed as possible including: vehicle description, history, specs, current condition, etc.).
  7. Add photos (Please provide detailed photos from many different angles including: exterior & interior, wheels, tires, brakes, underneath the vehicle and if possible, remove bodywork to show power unit, suspension, drive-train, etc. provide close-ups as needed).
  8. Add videos (Videos will be embedded via the Exclusive YouTube channel).
  9. Submit Listing for consideration.
  10. Exclusive will review the Listing (normally within two (2) business days) and reach out to Seller with any questions and/or need for additional information.
  11. If Listing is approved, Exclusive will reach out to Seller with Approval Notification.
  12. Listing will be scheduled to Consignment by Exclusive (normally within twenty-four (24) hours of Listing approval).
  13. Offers will be presented to you as they come into the platform.
  14. Upon your acceptance of an Offer, the Vehicle will go into Sale Pending status and no more Offers will be accepted.
    • If you accept an Offer from a Buyer, a hold equal to 3% of the accepted Offer amount (minimum $300) will be placed on your credit card. Example: If you accept an Offer of $30,000 on your listed vehicle, a hold of $900 (3% of the Accepted Offer amount) will be placed on the credit card on file to place the Vehicle into Sale Pending status.
    • Buyer is responsible to pay the Seller in full within seven (7) days of Offer acceptance.
    • Exclusive offers Facilitation Services to facilitate and complete a smooth Sale/Purchase transaction between Buyer and Seller.
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