Download the waivers below, fill them out completely, sign & date them and return them to [email protected]. Waivers must be completed by: the driver, family members attending events, crew members and team members attending events.


Exclusive Racing / Formula Pro USA recognizes and requires the following licenses from the sanctioning body sanctioning the event i.e. if the race weekend is sanctioned by SCCA SFR, an SCCA Full Competition License is required.

Exclusive Racing / Formula Pro USA allows qualified and appropriately licensed 14 year old and up drivers to compete in the series. Drivers MUST be 14 years old or older upon the first Race Day of the event.


Exclusive Racing / Formula Pro USA partners with Allen Berg Racing Schools as the “Official Racing School of the Formula Pro USA F4 Series”. Allen Berg Racing Schools offers a full range of race license accreditation. From Novice to full Race Licensing.

Founded in 2007, Allen Berg Racing Schools offer the only instruction led by a former Formula 1 driver. ABRS has operated exclusively in the USA since 2012 and is now the #1 open wheel racing school in the country. The race cars feature a carbon tub, racing slicks, front and rear wings and on-board data acquisition combined with on-board video. One- two- and three-day racing schools are on offer as well as corporate entertainment programs, manufacturer programs and more. ABRS is based at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca as well as other locations in the USA. Please visit for more information and to book your racing school.


Formula Pro USA cars run under the same technical regulations as the F4 US Championship. Current available technical regulations can be viewed here: _2019_FIA_F4_Technical_Regulations

Ligier JSF4 Documentation Access Information PDF (Manuals, parts books, software, tech bulletins, etc.) : FTPAccessJSF4Customers


Formula Pro USA cars run under the same sporting regulations as the F4 US Championship. Current available sporting regulations can be viewed here: _2019_F4_United_States_Sporting_Regulations_Final

Any differences between the sporting regulations of the individual race sanctioning body and the Formula Pro USA / F4 US Championship sporting regulations will be resolved by the Formula Pro USA Race Director and the race sanctioning body.

A majority of Formula Pro USA races are sanctioned by the SCCA. The latest SCCA rules can be found at this link: pages/cars-and-rules 

The series has the right to add “Supplemental Rules.” Supplemental Rules may take precedence over other regulations to facilitate special needs that an event may have. These special needs may be planned in advance, or result from a direct need at the event.


The following Style Guide outlines the locations for all logo identification that each team and its drivers are required to follow during the 2019 Formula Pro USA season. Series decals are available from Exclusive MotorWorks Racing Inc. The initial required decal package for each car is free. Follow-on decal packages will be charged at decal production costs. Sanctioning body required decal packages that may be required by the event sanctioning body are normally supplied by the event sanctioning body at the event.

Looking to embroider or make your own decals? Download the decal designs by clicking on the links below or email [email protected] for the appropriate files.


Exclusive Racing a division of Exclusive MotorWorks Racing Inc provides marketing and event support for the Formula Pro USA Western Championships.

Exclusive Racing is based at Sonoma Raceway and is the Western States Distributor of Ligier race cars.




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