Frontal Area and the Myth of the “V” One of the most important aspects of aerodynamic efficiency is frontal area. Some trailer manufacturers make an attempt at reducing drag by simply angling the nose of their trailers into a V shape or incorporating a slope nose. Those tricks don’t reduce frontal area however. It’s an uneducated guess, or at best an attempt in reducing the CD (co-efficient of drag), but, believe me… sharp angles don’t help much. Contact Us for Current Pricing and Availability
Technical Details


  •  Aluminum, semi-monocoque. 3”x3” main frame tubes plus 2” x 3” rectangular tube on 16” centers– very strong, yet light.
  • Walls and floor: 1/8” (10 gauge) 6061 aircraft/marine aluminum
  • Roof and fenders: the latest in strong, light weight fiberglass technology


  • Standard Model: Curb weight 2,340 lbs/Tongue weight 260 lbs
  • T Model: Curb 2,440 lbs/Tongue 280 lbs
  • Short Model: Curb 2,175 lbsL Model: Curb 2,440 lbs/Tongue 280 lbs
  • LT Model: Curb 2,540 lbs/Tongue 300 lbs


  • Flush, fully-skinned in aluminum to eliminate drag.
  • Rear dolly wheels (not installed on Short Model) eliminate scraping on angled driveways.

Side Doors

  • Two front side access doors with quality flush locking handles.
  • Each door – Standard/Short/L Models: 23.5″ x 32” T/LT Models: 23.5″ x 42″

Rear Opening Size

  • Standard Height: 58.5”
  • Short Height: 58.5”
  • T Height: 68.5″
  • L Height: 60”
  • LT Height: 70”
  • Width: 87”


  • Standard/T Models Exterior length: 22’ 8” (body 18’ 6” + tongue). Interior length for vehicle 199.5” (16’ 7.5”) from tailgate to front shelf.
  • Short Model Exterior: 19’ 8” (body 15’ 6” + tongue). Interior length for vehicle 164” (13’ 8”) from tailgate to front shelf.
  • L/LT Models Exterior: 24’ 5” (body 20’ + tongue). Interior length for vehicle 216” (18’) from tailgate to front shelf.


  • Width 87.5” Standard/Short Length 58” T Length 69” L Length 60.5” LT Length 70.5” Spring loaded, lower pivot external springs
  • No cables or loss of head space due to an overhead roller drum with cable springs and side cables
  • See Aerovault website Accessories page for additional extension ramps for low ground clearance vehicles


  • Dexter twin 3500lb rubber ride Torflex, EZ lube axles with self-adjusting brakes.
  • No heavy steel sub-frame needed for axles or front coupler.


  • Integrated electric drum brakes (on all four wheels).
  • Self-adjusting brakes.


  • In a special area under the back of the Aerovault’s “dorsal” fin, vents allow for a continual exchange of fresh air.

Loading Aids

  • Remote control winch with hard-wired controls AND remote control fob (comes standard!)

Tires; Wheels

  • The best… Carlisle N speed-rated (87 mph) radial tires.
  • Five-stud 15″ steel wheels, spare included.

Moon Wheel Covers

  • Yes those great looking, aerodynamically efficient Moon Discs come standard on every Aerovault.


  • Included standard is a 15inch full-size Carlisle tire and wheel, mounted inside trailer side door for easy access

Tie Down System

  • 4 flush-mount “D” rings in floor to secure car with ratchet tie-downs (see following page for additional tie-down packs).


  • Standard/Short/L Models Exterior 90” (7’ 6”)/ Interior 68” (5’ 8”)
  • T/LT Models Exterior 100″ (8’4″)/Interior 76″ (6’4″)


  • Fore and aft interior lights.
  • LED lights in and out.
  • Manual switch turns on white back-up lights on rear of trailer for night work.

Interior Amenities

  • Aluminum 23″ deep shelf in front for storing spare wheels/tires, jack, stands, tools and for track work
  • Four 7.5” wide channels along bottom of walls in front and behind fender wells for easy storage
  • Numerous U-hooks along walls and holes in sides of storage channels so almost anything can be secured anywhere

Hitch Features

  • Easy-to-lock heavy duty Bulldog hitch
  • Heavy duty jack (with wheels)
  • Self curling safety cables
  • Breakaway cable

Gross Weight/Payloads

  • 7,000 lbs gross weight.
  • Payloads: Standard: 4,670 lbs
  • T: 4,560 lbs
  • Short: 4,825 lbs
  • L: 4,560 lbs
  • LT: 4,460 lbs


  • Aluminum diamond plate.
  • Ramp/floor height 15” from ground (rear can be lowered during loading by cranking tongue jack up).


  • Interior Width for vehicle: 80” in-between inner wheel wells.
  • Exterior tire-to-tire width: 102”