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The numbers don’t lie — 75% of online buyers rely on photos to make purchasing decisions while 90% say that photos play an important role in their buyer’s journey. Whether you are selling a race car, an exotic or something in between, these statistics make photography vital to the sale of your Listing. These photography tips will help you create a photo gallery and walk-around to generate interest and bids for your Listing. The EXR Platform allows up to 15 MB size per photo.


The best photo format for online vehicle marketplace listings

When taking photos for your Listing, it’s best to use landscape orientation with a 3:2 aspect ratio. This orientation best captures the vehicle in its entirety, giving online bidders a good idea of its size, features, and overall design. In photography, the landscape orientation is a horizontal orientation as opposed to vertical for portrait.

One of the main advantages of landscape over portrait orientation is that it gives the viewer a sense of scale and the feeling of more space. It is also more flattering for horizontal subjects like cars.

Using portrait orientation, on the other hand, will either cut off certain parts of the vehicle or compress it into a smaller image in which the finer details of the design may not be as evident. The portrait orientation is better for mobile sites and social platforms where buyers browse vertically on their phones.