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  • $0 Seller Listing Fees
  • $0 Seller Sales Success Fee (With Buyers Premium Selected – Receive 100% of Final Sale Amount)
    • Buyers Premium is Default Setting
    • Buyer pays the entire Sales Success Fee in the form of a Buyers Premium
    • Seller Pays Nothing
    • Other Sales Success Fee options are available to Seller
    • Seller may change Sales Success Fee option at Seller discretion during Listing Creation Process (See Sales Success Fee Options Page for Optional Plans)
  • Ninety (90) Day Listing Period (EXR specializes in Unique Listings that may take a longer time to market and sell, hence we offer longer Listing Periods to help you achieve the sale of Your Unique Listing)
  • Listing Feature Photo with initial Listing Submittal (uploaded by Seller on initial Listing creation)
    • Will be used as Initial Listing Feature Photo
    • Allows EXR to ascertain Listing’s Platform eligibility
    • May be changed upon Listing acceptance
  • Two Hundred Fifty (250) Total Photo Uploads – Seller may upload photos at any time during the Listing period via their Seller Dashboard
    • Use high quality photos
    • Platform allows up to 15 MB size per photo
    • Photo Guide
    • Available Photo Pro Packages
    • If Photo Pro Package is selected, photos will come through Photo Pro service
  • Fifteen (15) Video Uploads (Videos will be embedded via YouTube Video Link)
  • Multiple Descriptive Text Fields (EXR reserves the right to review, edit, modify or refuse any Listing submitted for consideration)
  • Communication Management (All Communication between Buyers & Sellers is Monitored & Managed through the EXR Platform)
  • FREE CARFAX Reports (If Available for the Listing) 
  • Three (3) Marketplace Options (See Marketplace Options Page)
  • Multiple Auction Timeline Options (See Auction Timeline Options Page)
  • Additionally Listing may be included in the following:
    • Listing Inclusion in Featured Listing Program (as per EXR’s Discretion)
    • Listing Inclusion in Email Marketing Campaigns (as per EXR’s Discretion)
    • Listing Inclusion in Social Media Marketing Campaigns (as per EXR’s Discretion)
    • Listing Inclusion in Video Campaigns (as per EXR’s Discretion)
  • Seller may adjust the Listing (pricing, text, photos, videos, etc.) during the Listing Period through Seller Dashboard (restrictions apply)
  • Facilitation Services are offered by EXR to help facilitate and complete a smooth transaction between Buyer and Seller (Additional Fees May Apply)


  • This is a Full Service Concierge Program for Special Listings that are valued at $100,000 or greater
  • The Black Label Consignment Program includes all aspects of the Exclusive Gold Standard Listing Plan
  • Additionally:
    • The Black Label Consignment Program handles all aspects of the selling process including but not limited to:
      • Listing Development
      • Professional Photos (Includes Custom Photo Pro Professional Photography Services)
      • Professional Videos
      • Listing on EXR’s On-Line Platforms
      • Marketing the Listing on Partner Platforms (Ex: AutoTrader, Carfax, RacingJunk, Facebook, etc. as appropriate)
  • Please contact for more information regarding this Listing Program
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